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In Human Pharmaceuticals, nothing matches the personalized touch of a face-to-face conversation with a dedicated healthcare professional when introducing new products, conducting studies, or exploring new indications. Despite cost-cutting measures, field-based sales teams as well as virtual and digitally enabled channels of customer engagement, remain indispensable in propelling growth for pharmaceutical companies. However, optimizing the allocation of these valuable resources across multiple channels presents a tough challenge for any Pharmaceutical player.  Based on thirty years of sales force strategy projects, our team of very experienced consultants collaborates closely with Pharmaceutical clients. Whether it is improving sales force deployment, optimizing customer engagement through multiple channels, or enhancing market segmentation, our tailored approaches ensure that every resource is utilized to its fullest potential. This includes the geographic allocation of commercial resources through our unique best-in-class software tool AlignMix for sales territory design.

Our Services

Commercial Resource Optimization

We provide specialized support for optimizing commercial resources within the pharmaceutical industry. Our expertise spans the efficient allocation of marketing, sales, and financial assets to maximize profitability and market impact. Leveraging our industry insights, we guide clients in achieving streamlined resource allocation, ultimately driving success and growth in the pharmaceutical sector.

Territory Design

We offer tailored support for implementing commercial software solutions in the pharmaceutical sector. Our services cover software selection, integration, and optimization to enhance operational efficiency, data management, and regulatory compliance. With our industry expertise, clients can leverage advanced technology to drive innovation and success in the pharmaceutical field.

Commercial DD, M&A, Transactions

We offer strategic assistance for mergers and acquisitions within the pharmaceutical sector. Our comprehensive services include conducting due diligence, end-to-end transaction process management, negotiation support, and strategic integration planning. Drawing upon our extensive industry knowledge and transaction expertise, we navigate clients through M&A transactions, enabling growth and strengthening their presence in the pharmaceutical domain.

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