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Consumer Health is a rapidly evolving sector that focuses on providing consumers with diverse products and services that promote their well-being and enhance their quality of life. From over-the-counter medications and dietary supplements to personal care products and digital health solutions, the Consumer Health industry is vital in empowering individuals to take charge of their health and wellness.

Our team of experts collaborates closely with Consumer Health clients, leveraging our in-depth knowledge and strategic insights to navigate regulatory complexities, identify emerging trends, and craft innovative marketing and distribution strategies. Together, we seize the vast opportunities within the Consumer Health landscape, guiding our clients toward success in this ever-expanding market while positively impacting the lives of consumers worldwide.

Our Services

Commercial DD, M&A, Transactions

We provide comprehensive support for M&A activities within the consumer health sector. Our expertise includes end-to-end transaction process management, negotiation support, and strategic integration planning. With a deep understanding of this industry and M&A dynamics, we ensure smooth transactions and strategic growth for our clients.

Territory Design

As part of our commercial resource optimization consulting services, we have developed a range of unique software solutions that help us carry out deep and complex analyses quickly and very efficiently. The technology handles the details, freeing up our project teams and our clients to focus on what matters. We have generated CallMix, SizeMix, DataMix, and AlignMix software suites, delivering comprehensive and fast analysis. Our flagship brand and number-one selling sales territory design software is AlignMix. AlignMix creates balanced, productive sales territories in record time. We help you along the way, avoiding pitfalls and benefiting from best practices in realizing incremental growth from optimized territory design.

Commercial Resource Optimization

Achieving accelerated growth is the ultimate goal for commercial resource optimization. How you allocate your sales force’s time and resources across customers and brands has an over-proportional impact on sales and profitability without adding additional cost to the business. For more than 30 years we have specialized in helping our clients improve customer segmentation, sales force size and structure, and how to optimally allocate your commercial resources for new launches and the existing portfolio. Our latest offering even includes finding the optimum sales and marketing mix across multiple channels of customer engagement, ranging from face-to-face to pure digital ways of serving your customers.

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