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Animal Health

Animal Health is a dynamic and essential sector, and it encompasses a wide range of products, services, and research dedicated to improving the health, productivity, and well-being of animals. The sector requires a high degree of specialization due to its fragmented nature. We are one of the leading consulting firms for Animal Health & related industries, offering a very high degree of specialization and tailored expertise.

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Farm Animal

The farm animal segment is not short of challenges on several fronts, including e.g., margin pressures or animal welfare related concerns. Despite its slightly lower predicted overall growth projections if compared to the Companion Animal Health sector (source: SC Analytics data model), we view the Farm Animals sector as highly attractive nevertheless as it is a growth stable market segment with an ability to balance variability across species, geographies and product segments.

We cover all major species, including pig, poultry (broiler, layers, breeders), cattle, sheep and aquatic species. We many market segments, including originator and generic health markets, animal genetics, animal nutritional health, services (e.g., CDMO, CRO) and digital/monitoring, to name just a few.

Companion Animal

With projected growth rates of around 6% CAGR to 2030 (source: SC Analytics data model), we view the companion animal health sector as an attractive, innovative market segment with strong underlying growth trends driven by a growing medicalised pet population coupled with increasing spend per pet.

We cover canine, feline and equine related sectors, including all types of originator products including parasiticides, therapeutics, anti-infectives, vaccines and other biologic products. We cover adjacent areas, ranging from advising AH distributors to Vet clinic corporates, CROs, specialty companion animal foods and pet insurance.

Our Services & Capabilities

Commercial Strategy

We help business leaders formulate & execute insights-driven strategies:

Commercial Resource Allocation

We create value through optimized allocation of your biggest cost-block: commercial resources


We drive sales and margin improvement through quantitative analysis & process optimization :

M&A Consulting

We support Private Equity & strategics along respective value chains, including DD, VDD & post-acquisition value creation

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